- Apr 19, 2019
From convenience store cafes to smart tampon dispensers, this list of April 2019 business innovations outline how some of world's biggest brands and independent companies are shaping society while catering to consumer demands.

Apple is making waves in the tech and finance industry with a newly announced credit card called the Apple card. Set to offer consumers discounts and rewards, this new credit card represents the infinite possibilities for expansion the tech company can undergo. Meanwhile, lifestyle brand Muji is expanding into the travel industry with the launch of a thoughtfully designed hotel in Tokyo. The Muji hotel serves as an extension of the brand's minimalist and chic aesthetic, offering travelers the amenities and luxuries of the brand's retail items.

In order to draw more consumers, while appealing to existing clients, the cannabis retailer Planet 13 has added a pizza shop and cafe to the dispensary, creating a more welcoming environment that encourages consumers to stay.

From Convenience Store Cafes to Tech Company Credit Cards: