Bloomingdale's Thematic Carousel Will Change Every Two Months

 - Mar 26, 2019
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Bloomingdale's recently launched an in-store pop-up experience within its Manhattan flagship store, as well as a few other locations in New York and California. Simply dubbed 'The Carousel,' the activation is a permanently standing fixture that will present a thematically driven rotating shop. Each in-store pop-up experience will boast a certain theme and will be "programmed by a different guest curator." The aesthetic will change every two months.

Bloomingdale's adventure is a strategy that is designed to bring foot traffic to the brick-and-mortar department store. By harnessing the major appeal of pop-up retail spaces -- their whimsical themes and their time-sensitive existence, and giving it a rotating schedule, the business is bound to attract consumers who are driven by curiosity. The in-store pop-up will ultimately transform Bloomingdale's into an experience-centric establishment.