The DESIGNFEEL ATM Kiosk Secures Itself When Not in Use

 - Mar 25, 2019
References: yankodesign
The conceptual DESIGNFEEL ATM kiosk has been designed as an exceptionally chic yet functional solution for banking that won't detract from the overall feel of a space compared to traditional ATMs.

The unit is intended to be installed directly into a wall to maximize functional space and will automatically recede into its surroundings when required for use by a consumer. This will obscure the screen and pin pad to increase personal security during use, which will help consumers feel more confident about banking in public. Once the transaction has been completed, the unit will secure itself to prevent it from being tampered with by thieves for enhanced protection for banks to appreciate.

The conceptual DESIGNFEEL ATM kiosk could also be used for advertising purposes when not in use thanks to its large digital screen to further enhance efficiency in public spaces or businesses.