From Interactive Storefronts to Brandless Pop-Ups

 - Nov 30, 2018
The retail industry is always reflective of consumers' interests and this list of November 2018 retail ideas demonstrate some of the current and upcoming occurrences within this industry.

The integration of technology into storefronts and payment systems is continuing to engage and convenience consumers. Examples of this include SK-II's smart store in Shanghai, which enabled consumers to interact with digitized bracelets that helped them make seamless payments.

In addition to these high-tech experiences, brands are also experimenting with more low-fi forms of retail. A perfect example of this includes Brandless' business model, as it forgoes marketing efforts to offer consumers products at incredibly reasonable prices. To keep up with current consumer interests, Brandless hosted an immersive pop-up in New York that offered plenty of Instagrammable moments.