Pharmacy Santa Gonda Boasts Vivid Signage and Streamlined Displays

 - Oct 2, 2018
Redesigned by retail fixture manufacturer MOBIL M, Pharmacy Santa Gonda boasts a streamlined and eye-catching interior and checkout area. The store specializes in both personal care products and health supplements which are highlighted both with sleek shelving displays and with promotional signage.

While promotional and sale items are spotlighted by the cash register -- featuring "selected for you" slogan messaging -- each check-out space is marked with a corresponding number, while a television hangs from the ceiling displaying customer numbers to ensure a seamless and organized experience for visitors.

MOBIL M's interior fixtures for Pharmacy Santa Gonda are mostly all-white and minimal allowing for wayfinding icons and promotional messaging to pop. The streamlined in-store displays are currently installed within a variety of pharmacy locations and were unveiled in collaboration with G & G Group -- owner of Pharmacy Santa Gonda.