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Overworked Pride

Consumers change to not simply accept long workdays, but boast about them

Implications - The standard work week has expanded far beyond the 9 to 5, which has lead to not only acceptance, but a proliferation of packed schedules. Working consumers are turning to creative ways of celebrating a lack of free time in a bid to relate to one another.
5 Featured, 44 Examples:
217,937 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Sep 13 — Jul 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Work Week Happiness Apps
Work Week Happiness Apps
Make My Week Aims to Improve Moods and Get Away from the Grind
Make My Week is a new app to help people make the most out of their work days and get away from the stress and struggles of the daily grind. The app suggests various ways to improve happiness levels... MORE
Intensive Workaholic Attire
Intensive Workaholic Attire
This All Work No Play Tee is Perfect for People Who Love to Keep Busy
If you’re someone who spends every waking moment in the office or at a workplace, this all work no play tee is perfect for you. This navy top comes in a serious navy blue with white lettering.... MORE
play_circle_filled Office Furniture Spoofs
Office Furniture Spoofs
The Fetal Position Desk Addresses Health Concerns About Sitting All Day
Studies have shown that sitting for hours on end throughout the day can have detrimental affects on people’s overall health, but the option to stand is just plain tiring; enter the Fetal... MORE
play_circle_filled Computer Love Story Parodies
Computer Love Story Parodies
This 'Her' Parody Shows a Love Affair with Clippy the Paperclip
This hilarious ‘Her’ parody reimagines what the Spike Jonze film might have looked like in 1995. In Jonze’s 2013 movie, the protagonist falls in love with his operating system with... MORE
play_circle_filled Office-Simulating Video Games
Office-Simulating Video Games
This Pixelated Video Game Allows You to Destroy Your Office
For people that are stuck in a mind numbing office job, this pixelated video game will help you relieve your stress by destroying your office and killing your zombified co-workers. The Corporate... MORE

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play_circle_filled Rapper-Spoofing Pregnancy Parodies
Rapper-Spoofing Pregnancy Parodies
The I'm So Pregnant Fancy Parody Stars Women Nine Months Along
Prison Frenzy Gaming Spoofs
Prison Frenzy Gaming Spoofs
Netflix' Flappy Bird Spoof Celebrates Orange is the New Black Season 2
Murderous Mascot Spoofs
Murderous Mascot Spoofs
Foodiggity Imagines McDonald's Happy Meal Mascot in Horror Movies
play_circle_filled Wearable Tech Watch Spoofs
Wearable Tech Watch Spoofs
This Spoof Video Imagines What the Apple iWatch Might Be Like
Raunchy Rapper Cartoon Spoofs
Raunchy Rapper Cartoon Spoofs
Chelsea Davison Turns Ludacris' 'What’s Your Fantasy' Seussian
Medieval Police Spoofs
Medieval Police Spoofs
This Game of Thrones Spoof Combines the Medieval Show with Law and Order
play_circle_filled Epic Vegetable Ad Spoofs
Epic Vegetable Ad Spoofs
Big Bang Broccoli Uses Other Brand Slogans to Tell You to Eat Vegetables
play_circle_filled Blocky Disney Song Spoofs
Blocky Disney Song Spoofs
This Let It Go Parody Shows Elsa Building Her Snow Castle in Minecraft
play_circle_filled Realistic Gaming Spoofs
Realistic Gaming Spoofs
Pete Holmes Shows What Would Happen Between Yoshi and Real Life Mario
Avatar-Creating Apps
Avatar-Creating Apps
The FaceFries App Converts Facial Photos into 3D Avatars That Can Talk
Micro-Investing Apps
Micro-Investing Apps
The Acorns App Helps Manage Your Micro-Investing Portfolio
play_circle_filled Treasure-Hunt Study Apps
Treasure-Hunt Study Apps
'Brain Chase' is a Fun & Effective Way to Keep Kids Learning Over Summer
play_circle_filled Remote Selfie Apps
Remote Selfie Apps
The AirSnap App Allows You to Capture Pictures Remotely Using Two Devices
play_circle_filled Floorplan-Drawing Apps
Floorplan-Drawing Apps
The RoomScan Mobile App Generates Floor Plans in No Time at All
Iconic 90s Cartoon Games
Iconic 90s Cartoon Games
90s Cartoon Makes a Comeback with the Powerpuff Girls Video Game
Massively Multiplayer Simultaneous Games
Massively Multiplayer Simultaneous Games
Twitch Plays Pokémon Lets Thousands Use One Characte
Pixelated Gaming Motion Pictures
Pixelated Gaming Motion Pictures
Block-like Video Game Minecraft is Set to be a Blockbuster
Pixelated Cinema Brawlers
Pixelated Cinema Brawlers
Aled Lewis Draws 8-Bit Versions of Movies Most Famous Punches
Pixelated Artwork Apps
Pixelated Artwork Apps
The LEBLOX App Lets You Create 3D Pixelated Figures
play_circle_filled 8-Bit Movie Summaries
8-Bit Movie Summaries
The Inception 8-Bit Video Summarizes the Movie into a Video Game
play_circle_filled Music-Infused Video Gaming
Music-Infused Video Gaming
The Chroma Game is a New Free-To-Play Project for PCs
Pixelated Pop Culture GIFs
Pixelated Pop Culture GIFs
These Movie GIFs Will Give You a Hankering to Watch Your Favorite Picks
Artificial Intelligence Home Consoles
Artificial Intelligence Home Consoles
The EmoSPARK by Emoshape Brings 'Her' Technology to Life
Addicting Avian Gaming Apps
Addicting Avian Gaming Apps
The Flappy Bird App is the Most Difficult and Addicting Game
Academy Award-Nominated Spoofs
Academy Award-Nominated Spoofs
Jonah Hill and Michael Cera Create a Spoof to the Trailer of 'Her'
play_circle_filled Comically Recut Movie Trailers
Comically Recut Movie Trailers
Richard Trammell Created a Humorous Recut for the Movie 'Her'
play_circle_filled Sci-Fi Gamer Parodies
Sci-Fi Gamer Parodies
Super Smash Wars is a Hilarious Nod to Video Games and Sci Fi
Java-Overdosed Tops
Java-Overdosed Tops
This Coffee Shirt is for People with an Extreme Caffeine Addiction
Wearable Anti-Social Buttons
Wearable Anti-Social Buttons
Don't Disturb People Who Wear an 'I Don't Want to Talk' Badge
Motivational Wall Stickers
Motivational Wall Stickers
Get Inspired Daily with the Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal
Couture Parody Tees
Couture Parody Tees
The 'UNIF' 'Hotmes' Sleeveless Tee is a Clever Play on 'Hermes'
Misspelled Sweatshirt Slogans
Misspelled Sweatshirt Slogans
This 'Jenius' Crewneck Sweatshirt Will Make You Feel Extra Smart
Ironic Iconic Nerd Tees
Ironic Iconic Nerd Tees
This Carlton Banks T-Shirt Implies He Lives the Thug Life
Artistic Intentions Tees
Artistic Intentions Tees
This T-Shirt States 'I Just Want to Drink Coffee Create Stuff and Sleep'
Work Week Fashion
Work Week Fashion
The ELLE Mexico October 2012 Editorial Stars a Hardworking Daiane Conterato
Virtual Macaroni Artwork Apps
Virtual Macaroni Artwork Apps
The Kraft 'Mac & Cheese' iPad Tool Allows You to Play with Food
Comic Book-Infused Tees (UPDATE)
Comic Book-Infused Tees (UPDATE)
Comme des Garcons and Matt Groening Re-Release a Line
play_circle_filled Mood-Altering Apps
Mood-Altering Apps
MoodAgent is an App Based on Mood Music
play_circle_filled Renovated Work Apps
Renovated Work Apps
The New Office for Mac 2011 is Apple User-Friendly
play_circle_filled Hilarious Hipster Parodies
Hilarious Hipster Parodies
'Where the Dirty Hipsters Are' Mashes Up Spike Jonze Film With LA Youth
Superstar Short Films
Superstar Short Films
Kanye West and Spike Jonze Reunite For Major Media Project
Film Featurettes
Film Featurettes
Spike Jonze and Maurice Sendak Take Viewers Behind 'Where the Wild Things Are'
Monster Movie Decks
Monster Movie Decks
"Where the Wild Things Are" Skateboards Let You Roll in Style
Director-Created Fan Sites
Director-Created Fan Sites
'Where the Wild Things Are' Gets