Richard Trammell Created a Humorous Recut for the Movie 'Her'

 - Jan 24, 2014
References: huhmagazine
Recently Richard Trammell created a hilarious recut trailer for the Oscar nominated Spike Jonze film 'Her.' Essentially 'Her' is a love story involving a lonely man who develops feelings for a talking computer program called Samantha. While all of the visual aspects of the trailer remain the same, Trammell replaces Samantha's voice with Philip Seymour Hoffman's, taking lines from his various movies and injecting them into the trailer.

With Hoffman's voice present in place of Samantha's, this film quickly transforms into a bizarre tale of a man and his A.I. (and at times crude) best friend. Rather than tugging at our heart strings, this comically recut trailer pokes at our funny bones. Hoffman offers some in your face advice and talks dirty during this giggle-inducing trailer.