The Chroma Game is a New Free-To-Play Project for PCs

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: harmonixmusic & engadget
The studio that brought us Guitar Hero and Rock Band is bringing the Chroma game. Chroma is not like the studio's past games; Chroma is going to be exclusively for the PC (via Steam) as a free-to-play title. The game is going to be widely experimental by blending first-person shooting with pulsating electronic beats and lurid visuals.

The music game is getting some extra help from an outside team called Hidden Path Entertainment, which is behind the critically acclaimed shooter game 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive.' The idea behind the game may be a bit confusing since there is no such thing a a music-based first-person shooter game. In the Chroma game, you play one of five classes with weapons and abilities vary depending on your class.

The music comes into play whenever you shoot or jump. You can fire the guns at any time, but if you can time your actions of the beat, it will make a world of difference. This is what makes Chroma so bizarre but fascinating.