MoodAgent is an App Based on Mood Music

 - Jul 7, 2011
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While numerous mobile apps continue to help you monitor your physical health, you can now make use of apps that will help you alter your mood and increase your mental health, such as MoodAgent. Known as 'happiness apps,' this new brand of application helps one overcome stress-induced situations by playing music that would normally help calm a person down and induce happiness.

The newest and most widely used 'happiness app' is MoodAgent, an app that knows your musical taste and can create the perfect playlist depending on how you are currently feeling. By choosing a starting track, or specifically setting the sliders to match your mood, MoodAgent will automatically create and start a playlist of your music that perfectly matches how you’re feeling. MoodAgent can also locate and recommend music from the web relating to the mood of the music you are currently playing, and with a simple purchase and download you can add on to your playlist at any time.