Big Bang Broccoli Uses Other Brand Slogans to Tell You to Eat Vegetables

 - May 17, 2014
References: bigbangbroccoli & vimeo
We all know that we should eat vegetables, but without big name logos and brands backing them, they don't get nearly as much promotion. Although advertisers can sometimes be wily enough to get us to change our opinions on something, if you don't like the taste of a certain veggie, you're less likely to try it again, unless you're not encouraged to.

'Big Bang Broccoli' by Boomerang Motion is set up the way many other products are presented today, like revolutionary, life-changing and must-have objects. Big Bang Broccoli uses slogans from other brands like McDonald's, Nike and Coca-Cola, showing how the vegetable might be marketed if it had a gigantic brand name to back it up. For the mock campaign, broccoli is given its own campaign video and website, spelling out all the reasons why eating broccoli is epic and something you should do too.