Super Smash Wars is a Hilarious Nod to Video Games and Sci Fi

 - Jan 23, 2014
References: youtube & mightymega
YouTuber and animator James Farr has released a thrilling and nostalgic mashup entitles Super Smash Wars 2: The Empire Smashes Back. A video game themed re-imagining of the Empire Strikes Back from the Star Wars saga, The Empire Smashes Back is a sequel to the Farr's first video in the series, A Link to the Hope, based on the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy, a New Hope.

The Super Smash Wars video turns Link from Legend of Zelda into Luke Skywalker, Mario into Han Solo, and Princess Peach into Leia, as they traverse different video game worlds to defeat their foes. One of the funniest scenes is when Skywalker lands on a Pokemon themes planet to find Yoda only to have to fight him in a Pokemon style battle right out of one of the Game Boy games.