This All Work No Play Tee is Perfect for People Who Love to Keep Busy

 - Sep 5, 2013
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If you're someone who spends every waking moment in the office or at a workplace, this all work no play tee is perfect for you. This navy top comes in a serious navy blue with white lettering.

The shirt also reads, "never not working" which proves it's a shirt worn by true workaholics. While hard work is always encouraged and it's definitely a way to stay ahead of the game, it's not necessarily the most fun lifestyle. When you sport this tee, people will definitely know you mean business and chances are you won't be disturbed.

The all work no play shirt is also the perfect shirt for a student who pulls all-nighters studying or who finish their assignments weeks in advance to get started on future projects.

While this tee looks comfortable, play in life is just as important as work.