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Unicycles are a sleek, green and healthier way to ride through the city

Implications - One-wheeled cycles and motorbikes are gaining in popularity among urban consumers. Much more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional unicycle, the modern one-wheeler is sleek in design, comprises more features such as electric power and multi-directional capability, and appeals to those eco-minded consumers who also want to live more active, healthy lifestyles.
7 Featured, 37 Examples:
903,461 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 09 — Nov 10
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Skateboard Unicycles
Skateboard Unicycles
The Magic One Wheel Combines Two Classic Activities
Bicycles are a great way to get around town and stay in shape but they don't exactly offer a lot of thrills. Unless you have a mountain in your backyard that you can bomb down, the most excitement you're… MORE
Single-Wheel Motorbikes
Single-Wheel Motorbikes
The Ryno Motors Electric Unicycle is a Monowheel Phenomenon
The Ryno Motors Electric Unicycle is quite the interesting mode of transportation. The bike is a single-wheel motorcycle that can take you anywhere you want to go. The electric unicycle looks like a… MORE
play_circle_filled One-Wheeled Motorcycles
One-Wheeled Motorcycles
The Ryno Bike is Inspired by a Video Game
Ryno Motors of USA has built a single-wheeler gyroscopic bike known as 'The Ryno.' The idea for The Ryno's design came from a thirteen year old girl Lauren, who wanted to drive one-wheeled bike after seeing… MORE
play_circle_filled Extreme Stunt Unicycles
Extreme Stunt Unicycles
FlyRad Unicycle Offers Flexible Riding
The German-based FlyRad motorized unicycle can be used in different ways allowing users to switch their positions to their liking. The 26 kgs one-wheeler features a 500x motor with a 36v rechargeable battery.… MORE
play_circle_filled Eco-Friendly Unicycles
Eco-Friendly Unicycles
The EniCycle Recharges While Cycling Downhill
When it comes to electric vehicles, lightweight cars, scooters and bikes can be further streamlined into a more compact unicycle: Meet the EniCycle. The EniCycle unicycle, as pictured here, is apparently… MORE
play_circle_filled Motorized Unicycles
Motorized Unicycles
The Honda U3-X Unicycle Is a Sit-down Segway
You’d think a unicycle would have only one wheel—hence the name ‘unicycle’—but not so with the Honda U3-X. The super sleek, futuristic ride takes unicycling to a whole... MORE
play_circle_filled Motorized One-Wheelers (UPDATE)
Motorized One-Wheelers (UPDATE)
The ‘Self Balancing Unicycle' Nixes the Wobble and th
Focus Designs has engineered an updated version of their ‘Self Balancing Unicycle,’ or ‘SBU.’ With a new internal motor, an enhanced battery, folding foot pedals and an intuitive set of controls, this… MORE

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15 One-Wheeled Cruisers
15 One-Wheeled Cruisers
From Single-Wheel Motorbikes to Motorized Unicycles
play_circle_filled First-Rate Riding Robots (UPDATE)
First-Rate Riding Robots (UPDATE)
The Murata Boy and Girl Ride into Innovation
Flying Motorcycles
Flying Motorcycles
The MoonRider is a Hybrid Futuristic Two Wheeler
Volcano-Inspired Motorcycles
Volcano-Inspired Motorcycles
Project Somma 2010 Was Modeled After Mount Vesuvius
Bare-Boned Motorcycles
Bare-Boned Motorcycles
The E 100R is a Super Light Electric Bike
Wireframe Motorcycles
Wireframe Motorcycles
Shi Jindian Mimicks the Chiangjiang 750 Bike with Wires
play_circle_filled Slimmed-Down Segways
Slimmed-Down Segways
The Ewee-Pt is a Bare-Bones Alternative Personal Transportation Vehicle
Electrified Helicopters
Electrified Helicopters
The Sikorsky Electric Helicopter is for Eco Aviators
Hybrid Chopper Motorcycles
Hybrid Chopper Motorcycles
Jean Baptiste Robilliard's Custombike Concept is for Eco-Friendly Rides
Customized Dream Motorcycles
Customized Dream Motorcycles
Wrench Monkees Make Beautiful Bikes to Fulfill Riders' Wishes
play_circle_filled Water-Cooled Motorcycles
Water-Cooled Motorcycles
The Brammo Empulse is a First in the Electric Bike Industry
Tribute Motorcycles
Tribute Motorcycles
The Icon Sheene Superbike Honors Legendary Racer Barry Sheene
play_circle_filled Color-Popping Personal Transportation
Color-Popping Personal Transportation
Colorware Custom Paint Jobs Will Brighten up Your Segway
New Age Eco Segways
New Age Eco Segways
Erik Lunuza's Taurus Bike Offers an Earth-Friendly Ride
One-Wheeled Training Cycles
One-Wheeled Training Cycles
The Three 2 One Unicycle Promotes a Balanced Workout
Saddling Segways
Saddling Segways
The Erik Lanuza 'Taurus' Vehicle is Controlled by the Rider's Body Balance
Glassed-In Bikes
Glassed-In Bikes
The Aerok Bicycle is a Pretty Laid-Back Way to Work Out
75 Two Wheeled Toys
75 Two Wheeled Toys
From Pimped Out Scooters to Motorlees Segways
The JETSTREAM Sport Bicycle for the Disabled
25 Segway Innovations
25 Segway Innovations
From Segway Rally Races to Self-Balancing Unicycles
25 lb Scooters
25 lb Scooters
This Compact Segway is a Very Portable Mode of Transportation
Skeleton Eco-cycles
Skeleton Eco-cycles
The Evergreen Electric Motorcycle is the Bare Bones of Style
Steampunk Segways
Steampunk Segways
The Pedal-Powered Wooden Legway
Fashion Segways
Fashion Segways
Chanel-Branded Segway Is The Black Beauty of Personal Transit
play_circle_filled Self-Balancing Unicycles
Self-Balancing Unicycles
Budget-Friendly Segway Alternatives
Vehicles as Extensions of the Body
Vehicles as Extensions of the Body
The Noah
Segway Without a Motor?
Segway Without a Motor?
Exercise With The Zingsniuoklis (or Walk Instead)
Street Racer Unicycles
Street Racer Unicycles
The Uno is an Unusual Ride
play_circle_filled Pimped Scooters
Pimped Scooters
Monster Segways Sports Giant Tires
Unicycles You Sit Inside
Unicycles You Sit Inside
Motorized Monocycle
Quadruple Bicycle
Quadruple Bicycle
Creative Octacycle Bike Design Tests Your Balance
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle
Pearl Hydrogen
Segway-Friendly Concept Car
Segway-Friendly Concept Car
Chevy E-Flex
Tango Electric Unicycle
Tango Electric Unicycle
High School Students Invent 40mph Segway For Cool People
Treadmill Bike
Treadmill Bike
Bizarre Invention From Bicycle Forest
play_circle_filled Segway x2 Adventure
Segway x2 Adventure
Second Generation with Advanced Balancing
Bombardier Embrio One-Wheel Concept Hybrid Motorcycle
Bombardier Embrio One-Wheel Concept Hybrid Motorcycle