Bombardier Embrio One-Wheel Concept Hybrid Motorcycle

 - Aug 11, 2006   Updated: Jul 11 2011
References: gizmag
While the electric superbike may be just around the corner, the Bombardier Embrio concept motorcycle offers a more inspiring look at what we'll be riding in the future. It seems odd, but people seem to be riding Segways.... The Embrio is uses 'training wheels' until it hits 20 km/h, and then it becomes and extreme unicycle. It's powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Implications - As consumers are moving towards a more environmentally friendly living style, automotive companies are trying to produce alternative-fueled vehicles with the potential to overtake the popularity of cars. As such, many automotive companies are fixating on the physical design elements of the vehicles to ensure favorable public reception. Corporations in other industries should follow a similar strategy when trying to garner favorable consumer reactions.