Badass Riding Hogs, From Bamboo Helmets to Hearses

 - Jul 31, 2009   Updated: Apr 18 2011
The motorcycle is a muscular man (or wo-MAN) machine that never appears to be more of a sissy than an actual car (often more terrifying). Motorcycles can be dangerous or safe, big or small, pollution-crazy or eco-friendly, etc.

You’ll always makes waves taking the two-wheeler out for a little spin.

Implications - Though many refer to motorcycles as organ donor makers (or something to that affect), the average adult persists in their desire to own one. The motorcycle is representative of more than just a way to get around--in today's society, motorcycles symbolize the macho, tough-guy attitude that many seek. Attraction to the more dangerous, risky things in life is a force of human nature.