Outrageous Christmas Gifts from Neiman Marcus

 - Oct 9, 2008   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: confederate
When Neiman Marcus offers up their ridiculous Christmas gift idea, it always inspires a lot of interest. One of this year’s ideas is the super-studly Fighter Motorcycle from the Confederate Motor Company. This baby not only looks tough, it is tough.

The Fighter Motorcycle features a frame of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum. Its super-light frame combined with its 2-liter twin engine allows the Fighter Motorcycle to reach speeds of 190 mph.

Implications - Despite the recent downturn of the economy, there still remains a viable market of upper-class consumers seeking luxury products. A company can appeal to this market by offering exclusive, ultra-luxury commodities targeted at the top rung of the economic food chain. They would be attracted to the company's exclusivity and the "special" nature of their products.