Victory Hits the CORE of Minimalist Motor Vehicles

 - Jan 20, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: polarisindustries & motorcycle-usa
Victory Motorcycle has rolled out the CORE concept at the New York City International Motorcycle show. It’s cast aluminum that weighs 469 pounds with no traditional bodywork. It’s an inside-out design with the structural frame fully exposed, adding further to the badass look. The design came from Victory’s lead designer, Michael Song.

Implications - As consumers zero in on the macabre, anatomical themes have manifested throughout fashion and design. Motorcycles with exposed frames eschew the showy exteriors and heavily stylized bodywork of previous years in favor of flat metal frames that show off the machine's innards. Riders increasingly want motorcycles that express their individuality, and these minimalist machines let them do so in style.