From Metallic Antique Motorbikes to Customized Heavenly Hogs

 - Dec 23, 2011
You don't necessarily have to be a hog buff to appreciate all of the dynamic Harley Davidson designs, because the iconic brand that has mastered the art of the motorcycle are sure to captivate you whether you're licensed or not.

The motorbike manufacturer, founded in the early 1900's by William S. Harley and his cycle-loving friend Arthur Davidson, builds bikes to survive the toughest of times much like the company has. After making it through the Great Depression, the Harley Davidson brand thrived and thrilled consumers with consistently updated their engine-packed products. Today, they boast supermodels endorsing their enterprise and have even broken into the fashion world.

Nothing rips up the highway quite like these famous hogs and even if they're just mega-modifications, the Harley Davidson designs continue to get hotter.