The Gold and Black Barro Customized Chopper

 - Mar 16, 2010   Updated: Jul 5 2011
The Barro customized chopper boasts a T-Sable Springer engine and a Harley Davidson transmission. What makes this badass black and gold bike even more special is the gold rivet detailing all along its body.

Inspired by the steampunk movement, this customized chopper by Barro is certain to grab the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Can you imagine how wicked you'd look riding down the street on this bike?

Implications - Across a variety of industries, customization and exclusivity are powerful forces that drive consumerism. Products that are branded as customized, one-of-a-kind or produced in limited numbers generate buzz and appeal to a specific consumer who prioritizes ownership of products like these as a reflection of status and power. In fashion, automotives and even technology, the price of these products is a reflection of their exclusivity, and consumers with the means to own such products are eager to invest in them.