Knitted Harley Davidson

 - Mar 28, 2008   Updated: Jul 11 2011
I always marvel at stuff like this. Even though this knitted Harley Davidson obviously has no functionality that I'm aware of, the tremendous work that went into putting this project together and bringing it to fruition is worthy of admiration. I suppose that the person or persons who did this are die-hard, hard core Harley Davidson fanatics and the creation will certainly be a great conversation piece at parties.

Implications - The recent recession prompted budget-conscious consumers to craft their own products instead of making expensive purchases. Now that many customers have recovered financially, they seek products that have handcrafted qualities. They appreciate them for their uniqueness as they are of limited availability, as well as for their high-quality materials. Companies can appeal to their target markets by manufacturing products that are handcrafted instead of factory-made.