From Human Torture Activism to Social Responsibility Charts

 - Dec 26, 2012
Philanthropy was very much en vogue in 2012, resulting in many varied activism trends. The rise of social media has not only made information on important issues available to all, it has allowed for an easier way to form communities around these issues.

Perhaps the biggest example of online community-fueled activism seen this year is the mass uproar of the Internet that came after SOPA, the government's online piracy act that would, if implemented, change Web forever. The most memorable piece dedicated to this issue is the Oatmeal's hipster piracy meme.

Other amazing examples of activism seen in 2012 include the political graffiti protests that turned potholes in Russia into the faces of some of its government officials to symbolize a lack of concern for the quality of the streets, and meme-based abuse videos that flip the lighthearted nature of Internet humor on its head.

Though all of these micro trends are compelling, our Activism Trend Report is best for you if you're looking to sort through the chaos and find consumer insight in the social good industry.