The Global Peace-Pal Program Uses Art to Break Down Barriers

 - Mar 20, 2012
While traditional mail may have have become less commonly used after the explosion of email and social media, Peace Quest’s Global Peace-Pal Program is using postcards to send well-wishes from across the globe to people in developing countries. 

Each postcard begins as a blank slate, with the sender given the opportunity to write and draw whatever they want on it. The sender is encouraged to write an inspirational message on the back and design a colorful and creative piece of art on the front. Each postcard is sent overseas to a Peace Quest agent who then delivers the mail to various communities.

The program is designed to help dissolve physical barriers between people across the world and to work towards the creation of a global community. The sender of the postcard may also choose to provide a contact address to promote continued communication.

Peace Quest’s Global Peace-Pal Program is a small step towards eroding cultural divides and to open up communication between people who may never meet otherwise.