Indian Police Use Purple Water to Spray Rioters in Srinagar

 - May 21, 2012
References: amusingplanet & photoblog.msnbc.msn
Using purple water to spray protestors (Kashmiri government employees), the Indian police have found a new way to defuse conflict.

Before escalating to using baton control, water cannons employing jets of fluorescent purple water bathed both demonstrators and the wide streets. The purpose of doing so is to be able to easily identify and arrest them later. Water cannons with a special compartment for semi-permanent dye are what facilitate this clever anti-riot procedure. A definite drawback that comes with using this technique is the financial and environmental cost—clean-up of surrounding buildings and roads would surely be taxing, and the entrance of so much dye into the sewer system seems hardly permissible.

A tactic that has yet to be used in North America, this method of controlling demonstrations promises to be effective in catching people purple handed.