Amnesty International Independence Reel Illustrates the World's Cruelty

 - May 15, 2012
References: amnesty & ibelieveinadv
When one looks at the world, they can skeptical towards acts of 'kindness' in governmental affairs, but the Amnesty International Independence campaign reveals it all.

Money can bring happiness, but it can also be used to cover up the truth -- the truth is not always what it seems. This video by TBWA Paris for Amnesty International, an independent organization fighting for human rights, depicts world issues such as torture, child soldiers and inhumane acts of violence. The victims in this video are covered with bills used to represent that money covers up the truth.

Viewers can see beheadings, the people in the media being slaughtered and also the reenactment of the Abu Ghraib incident where soldiers are torturing prisoners. This Amnesty International Independence video aims to tackle these issues by telling viewers that it doesn't accept government money, but solely donations from people.