- Jul 18, 2012
The inspiration behind these daring domestic abuse campaigns is a world without any violence or injustice. These stunning campaigns are so blunt and uncompromising on the topic of domestic abuse, they are almost unbearably uncomfortable to look at.

It is these kinds of thought-provoking and shockvertising campaigns that truly get people talking and to gain traction on an important issue in society and certain actions that are perpetrated. These inexcusable acts of violence, which affect both sexes, have no place in today's world, so society needs a little shock to kick-start action.

These brilliant campaigns encourage victims of abuse not to cover up abuse or to wait until it stops -- as it hardly ever does -- and to take action against any form of abuse encountered. A common misconception of abuse is that it encompasses only violent actions, when in reality it also includes violent words. This fact is addressed beautifully in a few of these campaigns.

Although makeup and smiles can disguise spousal abuse, it is still prevalent today, and these daring domestic abuse campaigns attempt to shock individuals into taking a stand against the abusers and for the victims.

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