Domestic Violence: Verbal Abuse

 - May 17, 2008
References: arabaquarius.blogspot
This powerful PSA campaign from Singapore successfuly illustrates how verbal abuse can be just as horrific as physical violence. This is an important issue to raise awareness of, as many people do not realize that vicious domestic verbal abuse can actually have longer lasting effects and hurt their partners and family just as much as physical aggression, if not more.

The parallel between verbal abuse and physical violence is drawn by showing a hand coming out of the man's mouth who is angrily shouting and proceeding to physically abuse the terrified woman by punching her on the face, pulling her hair, and other typical domestic violence instances.

I tip my hat off to the creative and art direction team of Andy Greenaway, Richard Copping, Ronojoy Ghosh, and Ng Pei Pei at Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore.

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