These Verizon Wireless Ads by Mcgarry Bowen Don't Shy Away

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: verizonwireless & adsoftheworld
These Verizon Wireless ads by Mcgarry Bowen could easily have adopted the same old strategy consumers have seen for years from the communications industry, and perhaps it might have been decently clever enough to sway a few customers, but by instead opting to highlight the company’s socially aware initiatives they attain a whole new level of effectiveness.

Featuring brief blurbs about the company's involvement in helping to fight the negative effects of important social causes such as cyber-bullying and domestic abuse, these Verizon Wireless ads by McGarry Bowen shift focus away from the tired "our service is better than our competitors" advertising that consumers have been bombarded with since the invention of telephones. Instead, they invoke a cultural connection by matching their advertising message with the actual concerns of their customers--their children and the environment.

More than anything else, these ads reflect how companies which devote the time and resources towards making the world a better place are also ultimately more appealing and more noticeable to customers.