The Family Place

 - Nov 23, 2008
References: & dallasnews
Seeing an adorable young child on an ad isn’t unusual, but when this innocent image is paired with the caption, "When I grow up, I will beat my wife," the ad becomes downright disturbing. This ad campaign by The Family Place is meant to provoke strong emotions and get people talking.

The Family Place, a Dallas-based family violence center, began their domestic violence campaign by placing their ads inside Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) buses. Apparently, some folks have a hard time when the results of domestic violence are in front of their very eyes. The Family Place has been accused of making men out to be monsters and even of exploiting children.

Frankly, I applaud The Family Place and their endeavor to focus on raising domestic violence awareness. According to their website, when their ad was discussed on a news show, they received a spark in calls for help.

So long as the ads contain the facts (and a basic search confirms that they do) and in turn cause awareness and promote calls for help from victims of abuse, I say, go ahead and keep the campaign going.