- Jul 31, 2013
The serious issue concerning physical abuse to both humans and animals has been a subject of concern for as long as most people can remember, and these effective anti-abuse ads are serving to leave a bold and visually striking message that viewers can't help but notice.

Such things as domestic abuse, which often occurs within the privacy of one's own home, can be a difficult subject matter to discuss with family or even friends. These clever anti-abuse campaigns however, are effectively demonstrating just how serious and harmful abuse can be, showcasing images of bruised women and children and their emotional devastation as a result.

From heartbreaking ads that showcase women slowing gaining abusive cuts and bruises over time to those that feature children with heart-wrenching scars, these anti-abuse ads are serving to effectively educate more and more people on this important cause.

From Domestic Abuse Disparity Ads to Caged Human Ads: