Women Against Violence Campaign Flaunts a Bad Look

 - Jul 6, 2011
References: martinrainone & coloribus
Society is in love with the romance of before and after scenarios, offering people evidence that self improvement is possible. This Women Against Violence campaign, however, shows such a process almost in reverse.

The Associazione Donne Insieme Contro la Violenza of Italy launched this campaign with the help of the 1861 United Martin & Rainone advertising agency. Aiming to put a face to the victims of domestic abuse, the studio chose to print pairs of images featuring fetching women and young girls who have been victims to the damage of their outer beauty. The visible wounds and scars are a glimpse of the pain they suffer emotionally as well.

The serious issue of assault by family members is often kept behind closed doors, but this Women Against Violence campaign asserts that the urgent message must be made as accessible as it would be on the pages of a magazine.