From Inky Music Icon Ads to Dripping Cake Creations

 - Jun 11, 2012
These marvelously melted creations show how ice cream and chocolate aren't the only things that are at risk of turning into a puddle throughout the summer heat.

Many sculptural designs reference melting for both aesthetic and metaphorical purposes. The image of something slowly dripping away is recognizable as something that is in the midst of disappearing, whether this reminds you of sugary treats or the polar ice caps depends on your immediate concerns.

Incorporating the melting process into food design is a perfect way of avoiding the shock and distress of the inevitable. While the image of a cake melting into the plate may be impressive, nothing sparks sugar-induced panic like the sight of a much cherished Popsicle melting away before you eyes. Ice packs and coolers won't prevent these creations from slowly vanishing away.