Stéphane Bureaux Creates Delicious Melting Treats

Salon du Chocolate designer Stéphane Bureaux has an ingenious solution for the ill-fated candle wax dripping onto delicious cakes. Bureaux's molten lava cake features a center holder for a chocolate-enrobed candle to be lit and placed into. As the flames melt the gooey treat, the chocolate pools into the crater of the moist cake. The wax-less candle makes presenting and serving this treat easy as pie (or cake).

As tasters cut through the cake, the flowing lava of chocolate smothers the pastry for an out-of-this-world experience. This unique hybrid cake-and-candle creation is the perfect treat for an after anniversary dinner or chocolate-loving friend's birthday bash. Its dainty size makes it the ideal treat to indulge, and not feel like you have to hit up a serious cardio boxing session.