These Portraits by Fumio Kasama are Graphic and Ghostly

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: galleriagrafica &
Fumio Kasama, a Japanese graffiti artist, more commonly known as LOOTone, has spent 18 years perfecting her skills as a painter who creates some particularly odd paintings.

This collection of portraits and paintings takes on extremely eerie and ghost-like qualities. The objects and people in the paintings by Fumio Kasama appear very blurry and whimsical, an effect that adds to the abnormal feel and aura of her work. Many of the humans in the paintings feature strange deformities such as the baby with clown make-up, men with duck characteristics and famous stars such as Marilyn Monroe who appears to be melting. These paintings by Fumio Kasama, although slightly creepy, are engaging and eye-catching. Check out her website to the view all of the artist's talented work.