Celebrate Obama as the Person of the Year 2012 with These Creations

 - Dec 19, 2012
With the decision on person of the year 2012 made, President Barack Obama will grace the front of the infamous Time magazine for its iconic yearly cover. To celebrate and look back, check out these obscure Obama sketches -- they might be strange, but they definitely reinforce the president's status as an inspiration for all.

There are a number goofy ones, like the Patriotic Gelatin Portraits that are deliciously witty and make light of the president's recognizable silhouette. On the other hand, creations like the Literary Word Portraits that takes words of famous authors and arranges them into a visually striking creation that is inspiring while inventive. While you eagerly await the Time magazine person of the year 2012 issue with the president's face adorned upon it, take a moment to recognize the talent here that ranges from great, to a little goofy.