The Lorenzo Oggiano Quasi-Objects Series is Highly Conceptual

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: & butdoesitfloat
The Lorenzo Oggiano 'Quasi-Objects' portrait series features highly conceptual photographs that are a part of the artist's highly experimental process. A work in progress since its 2010 start, this project is based on a number of 3D generated videos and photographic prints.

Quasi-Objects takes inspiration from the production of biological organisms and ecosystems. Because they are so arbitrary and non-specific, these dynamic images aim to challenge the boundaries of human perception.

Representative of the uncertainty of life, these pieces are often difficult to describe at first glance. From melting bubble forms to organic cell-like captures, the Lorenzo Oggiano Quasi-Objects portrait series is visually intriguing with images that stand apart from the crowd while paving the way for inspiration and encouraging the use of unconventional materials when creating memorable art.