Kate Shaw Presents Surreal Topography in Her Recent Work

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: kateshaw.org & booooooom
For anyone wondering what mountains would look like on hallucinogenic drugs, Kate Shaw's topographic illustrations will give you a decent idea. Her artwork is captivating as she brings a surreal element to her paintings.

Kate Shaw does an excellent job at using a striking color palette, bringing out all the possible shades that mountains could take in a world of fantasy. By looking at Kate Shaw's work, viewers feel as though they have been transported to an entirely different world. With an array of colors and melting qualities, these illustrations are captivating.

Implications - This artwork conjures up feeling of fantasy associated with one's childhood. In a world where many consumers are feeling the pressures of work and family, companies would be wise to incorporate details that remind buyers of these times gone by.