Lucas Simoes Creates Bizzarre Portaits With Photographic Layers

 - May 31, 2011
References: flickr & thisiscolossal
Artist and architect Lucas Simoes is based out of Sao Paolo, Brazil, and is known for his bizarrely alluring work that consists of strange portraits featuring 10 layers of cut-out photographs.

Through this use of layering, the photographs convey an almost three-dimensional feel despite their two-dimensional nature. Though initially uncomfortable to look at, these photos are still undeniably enticing and hypnotizing.

The "un-portraits" break down the elements of the conventional portrait and present a unique take on identity and art. Parts of the photo appear to be melting together, and Simoes explains that the images are supposed to convey a sense of continuity and unity throughout.

Original in design, the visual elements of Lucas Simoes portraits are striking and seductive.

Image Source: Today and Tomorrow