From Gaga-Inspired Editorials to Sci-Fi Couture

 - Sep 15, 2012
Whether it's the influence of Mother Monster Lady Gaga or a desire to stand out from the crowd, haute alien photo shoots are huge in fashion right now. The look is one-part crazy hairstyle, one-part bold makeup, all squeezed into some sort of extremely architectural outfit.

Shoulder pads are not an easy in to this chic new look. To go all the way with intergalactic-chic, you have to show the same commitment as, for example, the models in the Wonderland Magazine 'Flash in the Dark' editorial, which showcases tall, sculpted hairstyles in vibrant shades. Even Katy Perry got in on the action with her now-iconic video for the aptly named hit track featuring Kanye West 'E.T.'

If you aren't looking to go all the way with the haute alien look, a pair of sharp shoulder pads and some metallic eyeliner will give your look a nod toward the skies.