Kirstie Maclaren Makes Frocks that are Fancifully Folded

UK-based designer Kirstie Maclaren is a fresh graduate from Middlesex University and is ready to flaunt her fashion designs. Kirstie has a strong background in jewelry designing and chose to carry these skills over into her clothing creations.

Kirstie Maclaren has created a collection of garments that are simply complex. The fabrics used are all white with no pattern, so as not to distract from the design of the pieces. The garments are all origami-inspired and are comprised of paperlike folds and fans.

The resulting outfits scream pop-culture queen; high collars and sharp shoulders give the wearer an alienesque appearance similar to the styles of media moguls such as Gaga.

This creative collection by Kirstie Maclaren will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.