From Couture Fashion to Furniture, Rebellion Runs Deep in Society

 - May 9, 2013
Since the punk movement began to gather worldwide recognition in the latter part of the 1970s, punk-inspired looks have been adopted everywhere from fashion to the architectural industry.

It's not hard to imagine why designers, artists and tailors have been so greatly influenced by this distinct, rebellious style. Punk, at its foundation, may have been about not being trapped in our societal 'system' and fighting the the powers at large, but the impressive and edgy look that the punk rockers of the past donned has made an indelible imprint on many facets of our society.

From rebellious rapper running shoes to cannabis celebrating fashion, punk-inspired products have taken over many markets because their wearers support punk's undeniably anti-establishment looks. Featuring many metal studs, safety pins and outrageous plaid outfits, this list of punk-inspired products is one rocking look book.