Diana Al-Hadid's In Mortal Repose Explores the Fragility of Humans

 - Oct 27, 2011
References: dianaalhadid & mymodernmet
It is sad to think that the In Mortal Repose sculpture will soon melt away into nothing, yet the message it sends happens to be even more poignant. By slowly dissolving right before visitor's eyes, or at least that is the illusion that has been created, this art piece forces an audience to dwell on not only their own fragile lives, but the overall fragility of humankind and their creations.

In this case, it is the sculpture of internationally renowned contemporary artist Diana Al-Hadid that is fragile. The In Mortal Repose sculpture may be a departure from her usual architectural feats, but it isn't less impressive than her other works. Made out of bronze and concrete, In Mortal Repose is not actually melting, but its dramatic presence is not lessened because of that fact.