The Snuk Memo Pad Decorates and Informs About Global Warming

 - Sep 24, 2012
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Wanting to get more people concerned about Global Warming and the melting of glaciers in the Arctic regions, DCELL created the Snuk Memo Pad. The illustrative sticky notes are shaped like a giant glacier. On the surface of the large icicle, there is a cuddly polar bear resting peacefully.

By incorporating the snoozing polar bear into an everyday use item like sticky notes, DCELL hopes to build up a following of activists. The company takes advantage of the fact the sticky bookmarks are commonly used in business and educational environments, which are perfect atmospheres for conversation and proactive thinking.

The Snuk Memo Pad comes in several colors that can be used to decorate books and agendas, as well as promote concern for the habitats of fluffy white polar bears.