- Aug 26, 2014
When you think large screen tech, you may think it simply revolves around over-sized TVs and home theater systems, not to mention large smartphone screens that pack in as many rows of apps as possible. But perhaps the most important segment of the large screen tech market actually has to do with improving visibility for older folk who may struggle with regular smartphone, tablet and computer screens.

Smartphones for example are no longer just the domain of the young, and are quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. This means boomers and seniors are developing a growing interest in smartphones. However, many smartphones are designed with screens packed with information and complex interfaces that boomers don't appreciate. This has led to the development of large-screen smartphones with simple, easy-to-read text displays.

While smartphones appear to be the fastest-growing boomer tech segment, there are also a variety of other boomer-friendly large screen tech products including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even alarm clocks.

From Senior Citizen Tablets to Smartphones for Boomers: