Silvers Summit Zeroes in On Boomers and Their Parents (CES 2009)

 - Jan 10, 2009
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The oldest Baby Boomer is 61, but that doesn’t stop bloggers and marketers from thinking they are incompetent when it comes to technology. The Consumer Electronics Show is pretty boring this year, lacking any ground-breaking, show-stopping gadget. They are trying to capture some buzz by offering the first Silvers Summit. Bigger TV’s and smarter phones are dominant. But by digging deeper, one will notice that Baby Boomers have attracted some attention.

"They’re doing things that 80-year-olds weren’t doing 15 years ago," said Howard Byck, senior vice president for lifestyle products for AARP. Today is the first Silvers Summit at the Consumer Electronics Show, focused on getting Baby Boomers and their parents (!) mashed up with tech.

AARP, UCLA Memory and Aging Research Center, Qualcomm Inc., and Google Inc. are all involved. Wii game playing has taken a firm hold of the retirement community, even nursing home/OAP homes as people 70+ are playing bowling, tennis and golf on the Wii. Baby Boomers are using memory games to keep dementia off the screen.

Even though marketers have known about the huge bulge in the demographic snake, they have written off Baby Boomers as being too brand-loyal and too set in their ways to make it worth attempting to pry money from their hands. It appears the marketing folks are changing their tunes.