‘The Temporary Tattoo Project' Makes Socially Responsible Tatt

The Temporary Tattoo Project will allow those yearning to ink their bodies with a stamp that will eventually go away. Tattoos are considered sexy for some but for others it’s frowned upon; however, now there’s an excuse to get one.

Lauren Sauma and Robyn Fukumoto combined forces with six creative tattoo artists and Flying Kites, a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for the world’s most poor and vulnerable children, to help make a worthy cause fun. Each tattoo comes from the artists’ imagination of the children’s dreams, writings and favorite things; these tattoos are limited edition and will actually have a meaningful message rather than the ‘fierce’ dragon or petty butterfly imprints seen on tattoo-loving folks.

Flying Kites strives to give children more than the minimum. The organization continues to provide each underprivileged children with additional care that will allow them to succeed in life.

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