From Fair Trade Java Beans to Profit-Sharing Cafes

 - Aug 16, 2012
Fair trade java beans are one in many social innovations involving coffee. While many thriving social businesses operate on models that either distribute ethically produced coffee and coffee products, there are also several unique examples of cafes and bistros providing employment opportunities or training for individuals struggling to find work for a variety of reasons.

Social impact projects involving coffee target issues both domestic and international, with Cafe Etico a Vancouver-based, which donates 100% of the profits from its organic fair trade coffee to human rights initiatives, while the Stonepound Coffee Company distributes ethical java beans that also provide sustainable employment in the Philippines.

Other unique examples of how coffee is inspiring social impact efforts, Toronto’s Out of This World cafe provides employment opportunities for those coping with mental health issues, while San Francisco’s Old Skool Cafe employs at-risk youth.