San Francisco's Old Skool Cafe Employs At-Risk Youth

 - May 23, 2012
Old Skool Cafe (OSC) is a faith-based, youth-run fine dining supper club in San Francisco with a view to providing career opportunities and a supportive environment to at-risk, previously incarcerated and foster care young people aged 16 to 22. The restaurant boasts a 1940s-theme, provides intensive mentoring, personal and professional development, as well as providing paid youth apprenticeships for at-risk youth likely having trouble finding comparable employment.

Acting as chefs, waiters and entertainers, the faith-based program is said to specifically designed to offering positive, solid alternatives to a life of poverty and crime. The Old Skool Cafe program also has a goal of connecting with other local organizations, businesses and churches to create a "web of support" for young people.

If you are interested in supporting the Old Skool Cafe program but won't be in the San Francisco area anytime soon, you can get involved by making a donation on their website.

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