DOMA Coffee Roasters Create Relationships That Last

 - Apr 11, 2012
References: domacoffee & roozt
"Coffee|Culture|Meaning," the tagline for DOMA Coffee Roasters, speaks to the company's emphasis on providing world-class coffee while supporting handcrafted sustainability and establishing strong relationships with the farmers. By establishing a firm, personal connection with the people who produce the coffee, DOMA ensures that the coffee they are receiving is of the highest quality and that the farmers are getting the best price for it.

According to the social business, DOMA's trade model includes "pre-financing, sharing information and working together to provide higher quality coffee." Customers can go to to verify for themselves that the company is in fact staying true to their claim by viewing such documents as contracts, shipping documents, etc., for each coffee. By paying more than just the minimum fair trade price, DOMA is truly committed to supporting sustainable trade relationships for the benefits of the farmers, their families and community.

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