Lenny 'Batman' Robinson Dons Dark Knight Garb to Cheer Up Sick Kids

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: huffingtonpost
Lenny 'Batman' Robinson isn't dressing like the Caped Crusader because he thinks he's a superhero, but his costumed antics actually do make him a real-life hero.

Spending $25,000 US a year of his own coin, Robinson uses the super cool famous figure's persona to make a sick kid's day just a little bit brighter. He donates money and toys to all the children he visits. Dressed as the Dark Knight, he cruises around town in a custom-made Lamborghini Batmobile.

Inspired by the way his character impersonation can bring a smile to a child's face, several other people have jumped on the superhero bandwagon and brought other super figures to life. Hope For Henry's annual Superhero Celebrations saw Robinson standing alongside Spiderman and Wonder Woman in an effort to brighten at least one youngster's day.

Lenny 'Batman' Robinson may be getting a little old for dress-up, but he'll never be too old to make a terminally ill child's day.