The Hunger Delivery Video Shows How Pizza is Ending Hunger

 - May 16, 2012
References: & adverblog
Hunger Delivery is a video that shows how the Food Bank Foundation uses pizza delivery to raise awareness about poverty-stricken people.

Many people are able to satisfy their own hunger with one simple phone call to a food delivery service but it's not that easy for everyone. To demonstrate this, the Food Bank Foundation teamed up with two major pizzerias in Asunción, Paraguay. The orders were taken, however, it was deliberately planned to deliver the pizzas late. Of course, frustrated customers complained but upon delivery, they were surprised to learn they were receiving the food for free. The aim was to make people aware of needy people with no access to food along with a simple request for a small contribution.

The Hunger Delivery stunt hit the media and the campaign turned out to be very successful with an accumulation of 50 tons of food that fed more than 13,000 children and elderly folks.